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About Us

Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Kono’s began in Haleiwa on the North Shore in 2002. With its fun, surf-inspired atmosphere and delicious dishes, Kono’s has grown to be an island favorite.  In 2017, it was voted #1 Plate lunch, #1 Breakfast, #1 Restaurant Under $29 and #1 Cheap Eats through the Reader’s Choice Awards in Hawaii Magazine.  In 2017, and again in 2018, Kono’s received the prestigious ‘Ilima People’s Choice Award for “Best Casual Restaurant.”  With the steady success and solid relationships that Kono’s has cultivated in the community, the conditions were right to start something fresh…

The Surfing Pig is the fourth restaurant location, opened in early 2018 by Kono’s Restaurant Group. Also known as “Kono’s sexy big sister,” it is the first of its kind.  Nestled in the heart of the Upper Kaimuki, on the corner of Koko Head/Waialae Avenue, its flavor is Americana with a bold, local twist. The interior design celebrates modern surf culture, and the walls are a muted canvas that allows colors and ingredients on the dishes to really shine. The feeling is warm and the service is infused with “Extra Aloha.”  The Surfing Pig celebrates the early days of Kaimuki (the Mecca of dining on Oahu) while embracing the present.

The Surfing Pig offers an elevated menu of Kono’s award winning 12-hour slow roasted pork, various selections of meat, small plates, savory entrees and delectable desserts. The new restaurant serves the best hand-crafted cocktails and offers the best gourmet bar food on the island. It is a hub for the classic and hip, distinguished professionals, celebrated artists, community influencers, foodies, everyday people & their families, in addition to the travelers looking for a neo-local experience outside of Waikiki and into a more neighborhood feel.  The Surfing Pig is pleased to receive its first ‘Ilima People’s Choice Award for a new category called “Best of the Burbs” for East O’ahu in October 2018.

“Both restaurants exemplify quality food, cocktails, and extra aloha service”
-Stan Glander, owner of Kono’s Restaurant Group

What People Are Saying..

"INCREDIBLE. Honestly the best restaurant I‘ve eaten at on Oahu....and I’ve just about eaten my way around the island so that’s saying a lot. I got the pleasure of eating here before it opened and I was BLOWN AWAY. Right off the bat the setup, lighting, and music give off a cool, sexy vibe."- JESS "The Smoking Pig drink is a must-try signature drink. It was smoky, sweet, and topped with bacon. "- NATALIE R "Tried out this new place... will definitely be back! Ate appetizers and tried their drink specials, the Smoking Pig and Pig Pen! Yummers!!!" -KIM I "This place is outstanding. Creative and quality food. The staff is unbelievably nice and welcoming. This is a MUST" -MIMI "Wow! The food was absolutely amazing, the staff was friendly and I would 10/10 recommend this to all my friends."-ALEXANDRA

Small Plates

  • Surfing Pig Truffle Fries
    Shoe-string fries seasoned w/ truffle oil, shaved parmesan, chicharron, fresh herb mix.
  • Ahi Poke
    Ahi marinated in our house made poke sauce, black tobiko, pickled onion, chili + chicharron on the side
  • Back Ribs
    St. Louis style ribs, Asian Slaw, chicharron topping, herb mix
  • Kampachi Carpaccio
    Locally caught Hawaiian yellowtail, truffle oil, spices, Hawaiian sea salt, fresno chili + radish sprouts
  • Calamari Medley
    Lightly battered calamari, fish + shrimp, topped w/ house made pickled onion, citrus aioli, Sriracha sauce
  • Crab Cakes
    House made crab cakes, beurre blanc sauce
  • Edamame
    Soybeans seasoned in garlic, chili, sesame oil, Hawaiian sea salt
  • Sriracha Fried Rice w/ Porchetta
    Sriracha fried rice, topped w/ crisp, tender porchetta


  • Local House Greens
    Hawai’i grown greens, house made sesame ginger dressing, grape tomato, red onion
  • Porchetta Salad
    Our signature salad is a take on the Caesar salad. Waipoli greens, shallot vinaigrette, sautéed mushroom medley, asparagus, crispy porchetta, poached egg


    Lightly seasoned airline chicken, pressed, pan fried + served w/ Sriracha fried rice, mushroom medley,
    lemon beurre blanc
    Our signature seasoned bacon-burger blend, topped w/ bourbon onion, smoked gouda cheese, citrus herb aioli
    Seasoned 6 oz beef tenderloin, red wine reduction, garlic potato, seasonal vegetable
    Togarashi dusted, seared Ahi on a bed of Sriracha fried rice. Topped with Edamame Avocado Guacamole.


  • Stuffed French Toast
    French toast stuffed w/ Nutella + brulee apple banana, scoop of vanilla ice cream, finished w/ a Nutella drizzle, whip, fresh mint
  • Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding
    House made chocolate bread pudding warmed and served in a pool of crème anglaise then topped with a bourbon caramel

Signature Cocktails

  • Smoking Pig
    The most popular Surfing Pig signature drink is a take on the classic old fashioned using bacon infused bourbon, smoked + served tableside, topped w/ a crispy slice of bacon
  • Stepping Out
    Raspberry inspired cocktail w/ lemon juice + lychee vodka
  • Waiaale Walk
    A delicious rendition of the classic Old Fashioned using Scotch, cranberry + thyme, balanced w/ Aperol
  • El Divertido
    A harmonious pairing of red sangria + tequila sour topped w/ a dash of cinnamon
  • Pig Pen
    White Russian remix combining vodka, Kahlua + Frangelico, topped off w/ house made RumChata whip cream
  • Pinky Pig
    A delicious vodka cocktail refreshed w/ watermelon, lime + mint
  • The Garden
    Fresh house made strawberry-fennel base, Bombay Sapphire yuzu, rhubarb bitters, all shaken with mint leaves; like a springtime in the garden
  • Piggy Smash
    Light + refreshing smash w/ orange undertones from Aperol + shiso leave
  • French Cocktail
    Surfing Pig’s French75 is a champagne inspired cocktail made w/ cognac, citrus + a touch of simple syrup
  • L.A.
    Classy vodka cocktail served UP, w/ pineapple + blackberry flavors


Reserve by Phone

Prefer to make your reservation via phone? Give us a call!  Our Phone number is (808) 744-1992

Lunch Hours:

Mon – Fri, 11am – 2pm

Dinner Hours:

Sun – Thurs, 4pm – 10pm
Fri – Sat, 4pm – 11pm

Happy Hour:

Mon-Fri, 4-5:30 pm


Saturday & Sunday’s 10am-2pm

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